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Expansion Tank Installation in McKeesport, PA

Prevent damage to your water heater, plumbing, and outlets by adding an expansion tank. These tanks are safety devices that prevent water expansion from exerting unsafe pressure on your property. When water heats up, it expands and needs somewhere to go safely: an additional tank is the simple solution, and they even give the added benefit of stabilizing water pressure throughout your property. However, installing them isn’t so simple.

Reach out to B & B Plumbing for expansion tank installation in McKeesport, PA, and the Greater Pittsburgh area. You can rely on our plumbing experts to install your new tank correctly so that you can enjoy its full benefits.

Expert Expansion Tank Installation in McKeesport, PA

Do You Need an Expansion Tank?

Not all properties require a water heater expansion tank to be safe from pressurized damage. For example, if you have a tankless water heater, there is no need to concern yourself. Likewise, if your property is on an “open” loop water system, the expanded water already has somewhere safe to go.

However, if you use a traditional heater and you’re on a closed loop, Pennsylvania building codes require that you have a water heater expansion tank. You must add it on the next time your water heater undergoes repairs or a replacement. Learn more about expansion tanks and what to expect from installation by contacting us today.